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The Wound Care Collaborative Registry
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About This Registry
The Wound Care Collaborative Registry, powered by Premier, is intended for all providers across specialties involved in wound care treatment and management.
Measures That Matter
This registry is comprised of 24 quality measures, including measures for chronic wound care, developed by the Joint Task Force on Quality Performance Measures (approved by the Wound Care Quality Improvement Collaborative).
Review Measures and Specifications

Manage Your Patient Population
  • Manage the health of your patient population by identifying individual patients based upon measure results.
  • Identify opportunities to improve care by reviewing performance across your patient population.
  • Use patient population information to address clinical quality gaps in a timely manner.

Continuous Performance Management
  • Track performance scores against national benchmarks AND peer data.
  • ccess the provider dashboard with performance scores and trend lines.
  • Identify gaps in patient care.
  • Identify opportunities to improve clinical care.

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