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The American College of Physicians Genesis Registry

Track and Manage Clinical Performance with the American College of Physicians Genesis Registry
We can help you and your practice begin to build your Clinical Data Registry.
The American College of Physicians Genesis Registry is ready to help you begin collecting data for measure calculation and performance feedback. If you already have an account from the previous program year, log into your account to keep utilizing your clinical data registry. If you do not have an account, review the options below to get started!

Data Integration Steps
Step 1
Contact Premier and complete registry contracting
Step 2
Contracting — execute business agreement
Step 3
Work with your Premier Project team to complete the data on boarding process
Step 4
Access and Review your Registry Dashboard and view performance results of registry measures
For MIPS participants only
Step 5
MIPS Participants Only — complete MIPS measure selection, clinician/group attestation and data validation
Step 6
MIPS Participants Only — MIPS submission opens and participants complete submission to CMS
How Much Does it Cost to Participate?
Registration and payment is required annually for most participants. The cost per clinician TIN/NPI is $299-$399 with member pricing starting at $299 annually. ACP members, Health Systems, ACOs, IDNs and large group practices should inquire for special pricing. This annual fee includes use of the data for quality improvement purposes and MIPS quality submission to CMS, as well as, Improvement Activities and Promoting Interoperability attestation modules.
Successful MIPS Category Submission Available!
When using this registry for MIPS reporting as a QCDR, once your report is complete, Premier takes care of submitting the data to CMS on your behalf.

Once data is submitted, CMS receives clinician reports and processes according to the current program regulations. collects an email address for each submission. This is the email address which CMS will use to issue submission related communications.
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