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MIPSwizard can help you and your practice begin to build your Patient Registry.

MIPSwizard is ready to help you begin collecting data for measure calculation and performance feedback. If you already have a MIPSwizard account from the 2018 program year, log into your account and keep utilizing your Patient Registry. If you do not have a MIPSwizard account, now's the time to get started!

MIPS Year 2 Eligibility
If you see 200 or more Part B beneficiaries and have $90,000 or more in Part B allowed charges, you may be subject to MIPS and should satisfy requirements to avoid up to a 5% negative payment adjustment. In 2018 the minimum performance threshold rises to 15 points, so developing a MIPS strategy early is key. MIPSwizard guides you through a few simple steps to enter data, select measures, identify areas for improvement, and track progress to meeting 2018 requirements

MIPS Scoring Updates for the 2018 Program Year
In the 2018 Program Year there are higher performance thresholds, now 15 points in the 2nd program year of MIPS whereas the threshold was just 3 points in Reporting Year 2018. Start collecting data now to review and manage your patient registry throughout the calendar year.
Create Your Patient Registry with MIPSwizard
MIPSwizard is now accepting new registrations to begin collecting data for the 2018 MIPS program. Remember, if you already have a 2018 MIPSwizard account, continue to use your patient registry. If you are new to MIPSwizard, use the link below to get started!

As a 2018 Qualified Registry, MIPSwizard supports all MIPS Quality Measures. As measures are updated for the current program, MIPSwizard updates requirements and notifies participants of changes. Changes may include description, coding, or quality action requirement updates which may require data supplement for scoring. Year to year changes are typically minimal, so don't delay and get started today!

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