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MIPSwizard, a CMS qualified registry reporting tool, is ready to help you collect data for MIPS measure calculation and performance feedback. If you already have a MIPSwizard account from the 2018 program year, log into your account and register your 2019 MIPS reporting. If you do not have a MIPSwizard account, now's the time to get started!
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MIPS Submission options for Quality, Promoting Interoperability, and Improvement Activities Performance Categories

Self-Service Data Upload Capabilities

Format and upload an excel based template to manage quality measures through your Patient Registry. Recommended for those who need to supplement data from multiple systems or data formats.

Self-Service Manual Data Upload Capabilities

Satisfy MIPS Quality measures without any integration from an electronic source.

Automated Registry Data

For organizations who desire to integrate their data from an electronic system or desire to load a QRDA-1 or CCDA File Type for registry participation.

Volume Discounts Available!
MIPS Year 3 Eligibility:

If you see 200 or more Part B beneficiaries and have $90,000 or more in Part B allowed charges, you may be subject to MIPS and should satisfy requirements to avoid up to a 7 percent negative payment adjustment. In 2019 the minimum performance threshold rises to 30 points, so developing a MIPS strategy early is key. MIPSwizard guides you through a few simple steps to enter data, select measures, identify areas for improvement, and track progress to meeting 2020 requirements.

Improvement Activities [15%]

Individuals or Groups:
  • Report for at least 90 days of the calendar year
  • NEW! Certified EHR Technology 2015 only
  • NEW! Scoring Methodology transitions to Performance Based
MIPS Year 2 (2018) MIPS Year 3 (2019)
15% of MIPS Final Score 15% of MIPS Final Score
Promoting Interoperability Bonus Available Promoting Interoperability Bonus Discontinued in Year 3 of the program
Annual Call for the submission of Improvement Activities established In PY19 there are:

  • 6 New Activities
  • 5 Activities Modified
  • 1 Activity Removed

Cost [15%]

Individuals or Groups:
  • Report for at least 90 days of the calendar year
  • NEW! Certified EHR Technology 2015 only
  • NEW! Scoring Methodology transitions to Performance Based
MIPS Year 2 (2018) MIPS Year 3 (2019)
10% of MIPS Final Score 15% of MIPS Final Score

  • Total Per Capita Cost (20 case min)
  • Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary (35 Care Min)
  • Unchanged in 2019 (TPCC and MSPB)
  • 8 new episode based measures added
  • Case Min = 10 for procedural episodes and 20 for acute inpatient medical condition episodes

Promoting Interoperability [25%]

Individuals or Groups:
  • Category calculated via Administrative Claims
  • No registry submission required
  • Note: Scoring improvement will not take into account until 2024 MIPS Payment Year
MIPS Year 2 (2018) MIPS Year 3 (2019)
25% of MIPS Final Score 25% of MIPS Final Score
Reweighting available for:
  • Hardship
  • Non Patient Facing
  • Hospital Based
  • ASC Based
2018’s reweighting options with the addition of:
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Audiologists
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Registered dietitians or nutrition professionals
Certification Years include 2014 or 2015 EC’s must use CEHRT Edition 2015
Scoring includes Base, Performance and Bonus scores (with Base required)
  • Performance Based Scoring at Individual Level
  • Security Risk Analysis measure required
  • 100 possible points for the PI Category (Exclusions will reweight other measures)

Quality [45%]

Individuals or Groups:
  • Report on at least 6 Quality Measures including at least 1 Outcome Measure (High Priority if Outcome is Unavailable)
  • OR report a Specialty Measure Set
MIPS Year 2 (2018) MIPS Year 3 (2019)
50% of MIPS Final Score 45% of MIPS Final Score
Reweighting available for:

  • Score unable to be calculated due to no applicable or available measures
  • Extreme or Uncontrollable Circumstances
Unchanged in 2019
Claims Submission Available Medicare Part B claims submission only available for small practices of 15 or fewer NPIs (Individual or Group)
One Submission Mechanism per report EC’s may submit using multiple collection types of measures
Data Completeness = 60% of patients across all payers for performance Period Unchanged in 2019
Topped out measures defined that improvement in performance can no longer be made and capped at 7 points Extremely topped Out Measures include those with average mean within 98th to 100th percentile and may be proposed for removal
Create Your Patient Registry with MIPSwizard
MIPSwizard is now accepting new registrations to begin collecting data for the 2019 MIPS program. Remember, if you already have a 2019 MIPSwizard account, log back into your account and start or resume your 2019 reporting. If you are new to MIPSwizard, use the link below to get started! 

As a 2019 Qualified Registry, MIPSwizard supports all MIPS Quality Measures. Select the product that best fits your practice for satisfying MIPS in 2019.
New in Year 3 (2019)


Who Qualifies to Report for MIPS?

  • Physician*
  • Physician Assistants (PA)
  • Nurse Practitioners (NPs)
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs)
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Audiologists
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Registered Dietitians or Nutritional Professionals

*With respect to certain specified treatment, a doctor of chiropractic must be legally authorized to practice by a State in which he/she performs this function.
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