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The American College of Physicians Genesis Registry
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About this Registry
The American College of Physicians Genesis Registry, powered by Premier, Inc, is intended for internists (ACP Members & Non-Members), physicians in other specialties, as well as nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to foster performance improvement and improve outcomes in the care of patients.

This registry has been approved by Centers for Medicare Á Medicade Services (CMS) as a Qualified Registry (QR) for eligible clinicians and groups. Additional opportunities with this registry include the elimination of data entry efforts with automated EHR data submission and access to a performance dashboard where users can participate in educational improvement interventions to close gaps in patient care.
Measures That Matter
The ACP Registry hosts all Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) along with two additional ACP QCDR measures that can be used for performance improvement.
Review Measures and Specifications

View 2020 Measures

2020 Custom Measures Specifications
These measures have been approved by CMS as QCDR Quality Measures which can be submitted via this registry for the 2020 MIPS Quality Performance Category.

ACP Measures Review
The American College of Physicians' Performance Measurement Committee (PMC) reviews and assesses the validity of the ACP Genesis Registry performance measures for healthcare.

Manage Your Patient Population
  • Manage the health of your patient population by identifying individual patients based upon measure results.
  • Identify opportunities to improve care by reviewing performance across your patient population.
  • Use patient population information to address clinical quality gaps in a timely manner.

Continuous Performance Management
  • Track performance scores against national benchmarks and peer data.
  • Access the provider dashboard with performance scores and trend lines.
  • Identify gaps in patient care.
  • Identify opportunities to improve clinical care

MIPS Reporting Across All Categories - Satisfied With Ease
  • Satisfy Quality, Improvement Activity (IA) and Promoting Interoperability (PI) Requirements.
  • Reporting available for eligible clinicians, groups and virtual groups.

Premier MIPS Resources
Fact Sheet
ACP offers the ACP Advance Quality Improvement healthcare curriculum which has been developed by physicians for physicians and their teams. Learn more about the ACP Advance QI Curriculum

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